Today in class we reviewed Unit 8 vocabulary.  We also discussed the study guide questions over chapters 11-14 in The Scarlet Letter.  We then summarized chapter 15 and read chapter 16 in class.  There are study guide questions over these chapters.


Today in class, we discussed Chapters 11 and 12 in The Scarlet Letter and also read Chapters 13 and 14.  You can find the study guide questions over these chapters in the widget on this class blog in the 11th grade folder.

Today in class we went for the reaping of the first annual PHS Hunger Games.  Second period tributes are Karris Thompson and Justin Fellenbaum.  Fourth period tributes are Bree Winders and Damon Easley.  Congratulations…I think.  🙂

We also introduced Vocabulary Unit 8 and read Chapters 11 & 12 in The Scarlet Letter.  Be prepared for a quiz over Chapter 12 in class tomorrow.

Today in class, we prepared for the “REAPING” activity in which we will participate on Monday as part of the First Annual PHS Hunger Games.  Students who wish to be considered for participation followed the formula given to us by ‘President’ Geren to determine how many times they should put their names in the drawing.  We will see on Monday who will fight for our district!

Today in class, we went over the study guide questions from Chapters four and five in The Scarlet Letter.  We then summarized Chapters six and seven, and then students read Chapter eight and answered questions over it.  (Below)

Chapter 8:  “The Elf and the Minister”


1.  To whom is the governor showing his estate?

2.  How much time has elapsed since the opening scene?

3.  What has happened to Dimmesdale recently?  To what might this occurrence be attributed?

4.  What does Hester say she can do for Pearl?

5.  With what creatures of fantasy is Pearl continually compared?

6.  When Wilson asks Pearl who made her, what is her answer?  How do you think the Puritans felt about that kind of answer?

7.  How has Chillingworth changed since Hester last saw him?

8.  According to Hester, why should she be allowed to keep Pearl?  Why do you think Hester dressed Pearl as she did for this interview?

9.  Why does John Wilson question Pearl ?

10.  Who pleads successfully for Hester to keep her child?

11.  What does Dimmesdale say Pearl is meant to do for Hester?

12.  What does Pearl do to Dimmesdale?

13.  What does Roger Chillingworth suggest would help them figure out who is the child’s father?

14.  What does Hester say she would have done if Pearl had been taken from her?

15.  From what has Pearl saved Hester?