Class Blog Terms and Conditions

Hi guys.  Just in case any of you forget, here are the guidelines you agreed to abide by when we started this class blog.  If you ever wonder whether or not something is appropriate to post, look here first, then if you are still confused, ask Mrs. Roper.


1. Students using blogs are expected to act safely by keeping personal information out of their posts. You agree to not post or give out your family name, password, e-mail address, user name, home address, telephone numbers, school name, city, country or other information that could help someone locate or contact you in person.

2. Students using blogs agree to not share their user name or password with anyone besides their teachers and parents. You agree to NEVER log in as another student.

3. Students using blogs are expected to treat blogspaces as classroom spaces. Speech that is inappropriate for class is not appropriate for your blog. While we encourage you to engage in debate and conversation with other bloggers, we also expect that you will conduct yourself in a manner reflective of a representative of this school.

4. Student blogs are to be a forum for student expression. However, they are first and foremost a tool for learning, and as such will sometimes be constrained by the various requirements and rules of the classroom teacher. Students are welcome to post on any school-appropriate subject on their blog, as long as they also have the blog assignments posted too.

5. Student blogs are to be a vehicle for sharing student writing with real audiences. Most visitors to your blog who leave comments will leave respectful, helpful messages. If you receive a comment that makes you feel uncomfortable or is not respectful, tell the teacher immediately! Do NOT respond to the comment.

6. Students who do not abide by these terms and conditions may lose their opportunity to take part in this project.


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