Whitman/Dickinson Project


Choose either Whitman or Dickinson.


Find one of their poems NOT included in our textbook.


Give a brief bio of the poet, including details of his or her personal and professional lives.


Include quotes from literary critics about the poet and his or her works.


Explicate the poem, pointing out rhyme scheme, meter, sound devices, figurative language, theme, etc.


Include at least one picture of the poet.


Include a visual representation of the poem.  (Example:  If it’s about a tree, include a picture of a tree.)


Try to find a song that could be representative of either the poem or the life and works of the poet.


Is there a short snippet of video that applies in some way?  If so, include it.


If you are able to record yourself reading the poem, include that too please.


You can use Glogster, PowerPoint, MovieMaker, etc.  This should be an interactive digital presentation.  WOW me!!!





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