Please visit this site by PBS and try your hand at sorting people.  Follow the directions on the page to complete the exercise. (Note*  If you double-click the pictures, they will be larger and you can see them better.)  When you have finished, create a new post (NOT A NEW PAGE) on YOUR blog and talk about your score. What did this exercise show you about your own misconceptions concerning race and ethnicity? Did you find the exercise difficult or relatively easy? (I only got eight right the first time I did this!) What criteria did you use to place people in different categories? Is this important to realize about ourselves? Why or why not? Read more of the information on the PBS website about ethnicity and race and government policies concerning them before you type your post.When you have finished your own post, visit your classmates’ blogs and comment at least three of them in response to their posts concerning the exercise. (Also, use this time to read some of the entries your classmates have written in the past and the comments about them. Please comment appropriately.)


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